10 Reasons Recycling Is Cooler Than Snuggies & Nextflix

Sure, binge watching shows with the convenience of blanket sleeves is the pretty cool, but recycling at Ole Miss is even cooler. Recycling also never gave anyone freshman 15 either, so it’s certainly healthier. Recycling is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to do our part for the environment, so here are the 10 reasons recycling is cooler that Snuggies & Netflix.



1.) Last Fall, 153 tons of waste were generated from the Grove alone. (That’s the weight of 14 empty O.U.T. Buses and a Prius being driven by a bear.)

giphy (1)


2.) Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to run your television for 3 hours. (That mean it takes 8 cans to binge watch the latest season of your favorite show.)



3.) 45% of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste, when it could be recycled into compost. (So don’t get those 5 desserts until you’re sure you want them all.)



4.) The most thrown away products in America include diapers, pens, razor blades, tires and aluminium- all of which can be to be recycled into other useful products. (Record for most money thrown away belongs to Transformers 4. The movie cost $593 million to make, and cannot be recycled into another useful product.)



5.) Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown way in the U.S. every year. (If you’ve seen M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, you know that doesn’t bode well for us.)



6.) A plastic bottle thrown into the landfill today won’t decompose for another 500 years. (Just in time for The Rolling Stones’ final farewell tour.)



7.) Aluminium cans can actually be recycled and put back into use at a grocery store in just about 2 months. (So make a mark your cans and hope they come back home to you.)



8.) Diners at the Rebel Market throw away more than 6 tons of food per month. That’s enough food to feed 140 students per month. (Or enough to feed one cat for one month apparently… Looking at you Finnegan.)



9.) 14 billion pounds of garbage were dumped into the ocean last year. Most of it was plastic. (The remainder of which being unused jogger pants. They looked ridiculous. I mean really what were we thinking.)



10.) Recyclable items on campus are plastics #1 and #2 (look on the bottom of the item for the number,) aluminum cans, paper and e-waste. (If you want help recycling your pre-consumer food waste, email helpjoefeedhisoverweightcat@hotmail.com)



In all seriousness, recycling is a very important step towards repairing our struggling environment. Recycling has the power to reduce ocean pollution, deforestation, and green house gas emissions. All it takes for recycling to make a difference is a little bit of environmental consciousness and responsible choices for our future. We can either hangout with the bottles we throw away for the rest of our lives, or give those materials new life on our shelves. Remember, the power is yours.


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