Office of Sustainability Moves to New Location

John W. White Administration Building

The UM Office of Sustainability, previously located in Lyceum 304, has relocated to the John W. White Administration Building at 700 Hathorn Road. View the location on the campus map.

The office is now housed in the brand- new addition of the John White Administration building. The space was designed specifically for the Office of Sustainability’s needs and includes multiple environmentally friendly features and design elements including motion-sensor lighting in offices, a shower for those who bike to work, and more. The sustainability office shares several areas of the building addition with the Department of Facilities Planning. Both the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Planning report to University Architect Ian Banner, AIA.

While a portion of the building is under construction, the side entrance, which faces the green Facilities Management shop building and leads directly into the Office of Sustainablity, is open and functional.

There are several ways to access the new location:

OUT Bus Yellow Express Line – The most convenient way to access the office is to board the Yellow Express Line bus at Kennon Observatory and disembark at the Campus Creek stop. Follow the sidewalk to the left and it will lead to the side entrance of the John W. White  building. The bus arrives and departs every 5-10 minutes.

Faculty/Staff Parking – The parking lot surrounding the John W. White building is designated for faculty/staff, so UM employees with a faculty/staff hangtag can park in these spots.

Open Parking – Two parking lots to the left of Insight Park, a short walk away from the John W. White building, are designated “open” parking for anyone to use.

If you have questions about how to get to the new location, give us a call at 662-915-2720 or e-mail We hope you drop by to visit!

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