Volunteer for the 2018 Sift-A-Thon, April 25

By Navodit Paudel, Green Student Intern

If you are passionate about meeting new people and getting involved in campus activities, the Office of Sustainability provides many volunteer opportunities all throughout the academic year. To volunteer with us during the Spring semester, sign up for the Sift-A-Thon on April 25.

By 2017, the UM Compost team has composted over 45 tons of pre-consumer food waste from different dining locations on campus. Recently, over 4500 pounds of compost was sifted during the Big Event on March 24.

“I am so happy that I had a chance to work with a diverse group of people. Today, we sifted and bagged around 160 bags of compost, which is awesome! ”, said Taylor Robertson, after the Big Event on Saturday.

The Spring 2018 Sift-A-Thon, will take place on Wednesday, April 25 from 1 PM – 4 PM at the UM Compost site located on campus. The shifts for this event are flexible and transportation is available. The process of sifting is straightforward. To filter the finished compost, called humus, volunteers push the completed soil through a screen to remove larger particles, like sticks and rocks, from the dirt. The event also features trivia games with attractive prizes.

Volunteers likewise have the chance to sift their own compost and bring home what they sift at a marked down cost. This event is open to University faculty, staff, and students as well as community members.

To volunteer in the Sift-A-Thon 2018, please, click here.


Stay up-to-date on volunteer openings and occasions facilitated by the Office of Sustainability by following us on Facebook or going to our site, sustain.olemiss.edu.

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