Have an Earth Friendly Turkey Day!

The leaves are changing from green to orange, yellow, red, and brown. The fall breeze brings cooler weather and promises of delicious food with family and friends. Show your gratitude to the Earth this holiday season by taking steps to make Thanksgiving a little greener.

Reusable bagReduce the Impact of Your Shopping

Shopping Tip #1- When shopping for your Thanksgiving meal, keep these two words in mind: organic and local. These keywords will help you create a more fresh and nutritious meal. You can find local food at the Oxford Community Market, Chicory Market, and Neon Pig.

Shopping Tip #2- Buy food in bulk to reduce packaging waste

Shopping Tip #3- Bring your own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store and farmers market.


car recyclng bagTravel Smart

Travel Tip #1- Many things you buy from gas stations like water bottles and soda cans are recyclable, but most gas stations do not have recycling bins. If you are traveling, have a designated bag in your vehicle for recyclables, so that you can recycle it at home later.

Travel Tip #2– Be mindful of your mileage! If each family reduced their holiday gasoline consumption by 1 gallon (about 20 miles), we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million tons!


tableReach for Reusable Dinnerware

Many people buy disposable plates and cutlery during the holiday season to make clean up easier. Consider the impact of saving a little time during clean up. Plastic cutlery can take a couple hundred years to decompose and paper plates can take 5 years to decompose.

Table Settings Tip #1– If disposable table settings are your only option, choose biodegradable utensils, plates, and cups. You could also choose recyclable plasticware. #1 and #2 plastics are the only plastics that are recyclable in Lafayette County.

Table Setting Tip #2- Ditch the paper towels! Grab some reusable cloth or linen napkins instead or make your own from fabric remnants.

Table Setting Tip #3- If you’re expecting a lot of people at your holiday dinner, organize your food set up potluck style and ask your guests to bring dishes and silverware for themselves!



Decorating Tip #1– Ditch the disposables. Make your own fall decorations like acorn napkin ties, dried leaf place cards, corn or leaf print placemats, pinecone turkeys, painted gourds, and DIY cornucopias. 

Decorating Tip #2- Reuse old decorations! Update decorations by painting them, or switching up how you display them by arranging them in a mason jar or on a wreath. 


pumpkin_compost-620x302Waste Reduction

Waste Reduction Tip #1– Make sure to recycle what you can! Inform your guests of where the recycling bin is in your house and what items can are recyclable. Find out how to recycle in Oxford.

Waste Reduction Tip #2– If you, your family, or your friends have a garden encourage them to start composting their food waste! Common compostable thanksgiving foods include potato peelings, pumpkins, bread, veggie scraps, and fruit scraps. Learn more about composting here. 



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