April is for Accessibility

April is known for rain, flowers and of course EARTH DAY! But, did you know it is also Disability Awareness Month? In order to support the planet, we must first support people; this means people of all backgrounds and abilities.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have teamed up with the International Disability Alliance to make sure persons with disabilities are supported and represented in sustainable development.  In the SDGs, there are 18 references to vulnerable populations and  seven statements specifically referring to persons with disabilities.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of sustainability as we develop and change our world. In order to promote equality, we must continue to guarantee resources for vulnerable peoples on the planet.  Disability-related impacts of climate change, lack of public transportation, food security, and access to resources , are often disproportionate to risks of able-bodied people.

Learn more about these impacts from the International Disability and Development Consortium here. 

Find events throughout this month from Student Disability Services and their partners for Disability Awareness Month!

Access the Disability Awareness Month Calendar here.



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