Attend the UM Transportation Fair, Sept. 11



As campus grows, it becomes more and more important to share information about transportation options available–not only for our convenience, but our health and wallet too!

The 2019 UM Transportation Fair will take place on Saturday, Sept 11 from 10am-1pm on the Union Plaza. This annual event offers an opportunity for faculty, students and staff members to learn about transportation options offered both on and off campus.

A unique feature of the fair is the opportunity for participants to actively engage with the Department of Parking and Transportation, UPD, the campus bikeshare and bike shop, and other campus transportation options. Participants can even try out the new campus bikeshare and win prizes for learning about these options.

Arlene O’Hara, the supervisor of the UM Bike Shop, hopes “that the UM community will take away knowledge of the different aspects of transportation and share the information with others with a better understanding.”

The Transportation Fair is planned through a partnership between the Office of Sustainability and the Department of Parking and Transportation, and is supported by Jim Keras Subaru.

View event info here. 

Transportation Fair 2019 Poster

UM Transportation Fair Poster



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