Trashy’s Back-To-School List


Back to school Trashy

Hey y’all! My name is Trashy and I work for the Office of Sustainability! I help answer questions and educate students, staff, and faculty about recycling, waste reduction, and other eco-friendly habits at the University of Mississippi.

I am SOOO excited for the new semester and I have some great ways to get ready for back to school season, and some items to add to your shopping list before move-in. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning sustainable rebel, make sure to add these items to your list.

Compact lightbulbs 

Bringing additional lamps or lighting fixtures? Change out lightbulbs with compact bulbs in both stationary fixtures and lamps to save energy, as well as save money on your electric bill.

Energy Star Products 

Always look for thrifted appliances first, but if you need to buy a new product look for the Energy Star logo to save electricity.


If you are living close to campus make sure to bring a bike. Biking to class creates healthy habits, saves you money on gas, and reduces the amount of carbon emissions you contribute daily. You can get bike repairs done throughout the year at the Ole Miss Bike Shop for low costs.


Use reusable bags, water bottles, silverware, straws, and containers to help reduce the waste you produce on and off-campus. You can create your own to-go silverware set with utensils you already have in your dorm or apartment, and purchase reusable straws at most retail stores. 

Thrifted Decor 

A trip to Goodwill can save money and provide you with unique decor for your apartment or dorm room. Thrifting decor is a sustainable option because it reduces the consumption of new products which require additional energy and resources.

Dear Trashy, and Advice Column
An Advice Column by The Office of Sustainability

“Hi Trashy, I have moved off campus this semester but my apartment complex doesn’t have a recycling dumpster. How do I continue to recycle?”

Trashy: Apartment complexes in Oxford do not have curbside or recycling services. Occupants of apartment buildings should bring their recyclables to one of the two drop off locations.

” Trashy! I’m new to Ole Miss and I heard a rumor we don’t recycle on campus?! Is that true!?”

Trashy: Recycled materials on campus are taken to the Oxford Recycling Center and follow the same process of sorting and distributing as other recyclables of the City of Oxford follow. If a contaminant is present, the quality of the recycling is reduced or eliminated and in those cases, the recycling is sometimes thrown away. When in doubt, leave it out. One non-recyclable item in the bin is considered contamination and a significant quantity of these can cause all items (including those that are recyclable) to be landfilled.

“Hey Trashy, I usually use reusables but when my grandparents went grocery shopping this weekend they brought back a bunch of plastic bags. I don’t want to throw them away, what can I do?!”

Trashy: You can recycle those bags at a variety of locations in Oxford including Walmart, Kroger and Dicks Sporting Goods. For more information about plastic bag, recycling CLICK HERE!

“I just moved into my dorm and I can’t find the recycling bin? How do I recycle in the residence hall??? TRASHY HELP!”

Trashy: Recycling bins are located in the lobby of all residence halls. You should collect recyclables your rooms, and bring them to the bin in the lobby for recycling. Make sure you are recycling correctly, as residence hall bins generally have high levels of contamination.

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