20 Green Resolutions for 2020



Replace old bulbs with LEDs : LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. 


Buy a power strip to easily turn off large electronics: Electronics continue to use energy even when not in use if they are plugged in. By plugging your items into a power strip you can stop this from happening and unplug everything at once. 


Bike, walk, use public transit more: Did you know there are a lot of greener ways to get around campus? You can walk, rent a bike, or use the OUT bus to get through campus and Oxford.



STOP buying plastic water bottles and buy a reusable one: Giving up water bottles is one of the easiest and most convenient switches to make when going green. 2020 is the year to drop all your single-use plastics and think about the impact an item has. Watch this video to see the impact of a plastic water bottle.


STOP using plastic bags and bring a reuseable one: Make a resolution to keep reusable bags in your car or one in your backpack so that you always have one on you. Plastic bags are an unnecessary waste and cannot be recycled through the Oxford recycling center. 


 STOP buying paper towels: Paper towels are not recyclable. Make your own reusable cloths or just use rags. By reusing you can reduce your waste and save money!


STOP Recycling incorrectly! Read the recycling guide to ensure your waste streams are correct and you know what can and can’t be recycled.




Start a compost bin: Composting helps reduce food waste and reduces methane produced in landfills. Learn more about composting and vermicomposting in this video. 


Thrift more! : Buy used clothing or “Slow Fashion” as opposed to “Fast Fashion”. Ensure quality so that things last longer as well as reduce the waste, pollution, and inequities caused by textile industries. 


Host a swap: Swaps are great ways to update your home or closet. Designate a time to compile the things you don’t want or may replace and swap them with friends or roommates for new stuff! This reduces waste and is a great way to find second-hand trustworthy items. 


Grow something: Start a small herb garden in your home or apartment. Gardening reduces stress, and provides availability to healthy fresh ingredients. 


Set up a bird feeder: It’s a great time to take up bird watching. Spring migration is upon us soon and Mississippi has lots of cool birds that will be passing through. Want to learn more about birds and hang out with fellow bird lovers? Join Magnolia Grove Campus Audubon Chapter or visit Strawberry Plains Audubon Center.


Get outside: Spend time in nature or develop an outdoor hobby! Being outside has evidence of health benefits like improving immunity, focus, and reducing stress. 


Plan to travel this year? Plan ahead with eco-tourism tips: Try shopping local to support the community you are in, looking into eco-friendly rooms on Air BnB, Hipcamps, or certified eco-labeled hotels, and making sure you read up on the areas recycling rules to make sure you are not contributing added waste. 



Buy Local and support farmers, artisans, and business owners in Oxford: Buying local has lots of benefits for the planet and for your wallet. There are benefits to buying all products locally but especially food! Check out the Oxford Community Market and Chicory Market for Local produce and other groceries. 


Volunteer in the Community: Throughout the semester, there are a variety of ways to give back to the community. For example, you could sign up to help with the UM Big Event in March. 


Take action: Join or start a climate strike. The climate crisis is in effect and is already affecting the world we live in. Thousands of students k-12 and beyond are making their voices heard that action needs to be taken. 


Talk about climate change!: The most important thing you can do for climate change is to talk about climate change. Talking about climate change can reduce political barriers, connect narrative stories, and spark innovative ways for the world to work together in solving the crisis. 



Learn more!: Attend an event to learn more about sustainability. Spring semester is home to Green Week , along with other events that focus on sustainability throughout the semester. Getting connected with the Office of Sustainability or with an academic program like Environmental Studies are great ways to learn more. 


Keep your mental health in check: The climate crisis and other environmental, and social issues are complex and can be overwhelming. Remain positive and focus on little steps and solutions to not drain your motivation, and leave room for experiencing loss and grief in healthy ways. 

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